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Study engineering in Australia

Here’s why studying engineering in Australia is a great decision

As an international student, Australia can be a perfect destination to pursue an engineering degree. All Australian educational institutions have the right infrastructure, technical know-how, experienced faculty and all the other requisites to make your educational experience wholesome. 

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Why pursue engineering in Australia?

1. Unparalleled quality of education: Australian universities provide high-quality education and a vast choice of fields. Each course program provides with ample opportunities with various internships and practical training available. 

2. Global recognition: As per the QS World University Rankings by Subject (Engineering and Technology) 2020, Australian universities rank high in the engineering field with 10 institutions being categorised under top 150 engineering and technology institutions of the world.*

3. Makes you career ready: Australian universities focus on both practical as well as theoretical knowledge. The universities organise many summer training programs to provide students with hands-on experience of their chosen field. This also helps in making connections with potential employers and get the right industry exposure. 

4. Attractive salary packages: All-round demand for engineers provides with an option to work with high-profile companies with attractive starting salaries. As engineers in Australia are among one of the highest paying jobs in the country,* many students prefer to stay back and work here. 

5. Industry exposure: Australia offers great exposure in terms of course structure, internships, experiential training and personal growth. This helps prepare you for the challenges you might face in the future. 

Top engineering specialisations in Australia

The engineering and technology field has traditionally been one of the biggest and most popular in Australia due to the strength of Australia’s mining and technology sectors. These programs prepare students for professional roles in disciplines such as civil, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as specialised fields such as railway, mining, and telecommunications. Specialisations in technological engineering also include automotive technology, electronics, mechanics and even transportation.

Learn more about the education system and assessment method in Australia 

Eligibility criteria for admission 

If you wish to study in Australia, then you are required to take an English proficiency test like IELTS, theInternational English Language Testing System. In Your IELTS, you are required to obtain an overall score of 6.5 Bands with no less than 6 Bands in each of the four modules and indifferent towards undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Also, additional requirements for each course are:

  • For an undergraduate course: You are required to complete your senior secondary education in your home country at the time of applying to the university. Also, you are expected to submit your documents at the time of admission with all the transcripts and certificates

  • For postgraduate course: If you apply for a master's degree in Australia then you need to provide your undergraduate degree along with the senior secondary education certificates at the time of your application

If you have any queries at all, come to us at IDP and we’ll help you select the right Australian institution for your career. 

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Updated on January 27, 2021

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