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10 High-Paying Jobs In Canada That Require A Master’s Degree

If you dream of working in Canada, doing a postgraduate degree in one of their universities is one of the best ways of doing so! 

Twenty-six of Canada's universities are featured on the QS Rankings, which means that you'll have no shortage of choices when it comes to selecting a course.

With a Master’s Degree from a Canadian university, you’ll be qualified for a postgraduate work visa that’ll bring you closer to your career goals. Getting a Master’s Degree shows that you are dedicated and specialised, which gives you a leg up over other applicants when it comes to landing one of those high paying graduate jobs.

More than career benefits, studying a Master’s in Canada will give you the following perks:

Exposure to an exciting new culture: With festivals all year round such as Shambala, you’ll have no shortage of entertainment!

Network with other professionals in your Master’s programme

Pick up a new language

If you are thinking of switching to a new industry or accelerating your career, doing a Master’s is the way to go. Read on to find out ten high-paying jobs in Canada, so you can start planning.

10 High Paying Graduate Jobs in Canada

Postgraduate education costs a bomb, and you’ll have to put your career on hold for some time while you focus on your degree. While the skills you pick-up and the experiences you’ll get make it all worth it, securing high paying graduate jobs should still be one of your key considerations when choosing a Master’s Degree.

#1: Mining and forestry manager

Canada's abundant forest resources and the rise in urban planning are driving demand for mining and forestry managers. 

In this role, you’ll inspect ground operations and make sure production quotas are met. With a Master’s Degree in Forest Engineering, you could be in this role that’ll net you CAD108k a year.

#2: Oil and gas drilling supervisor

The growing demand for base metals means that the industry requires more oil and gas drilling supervisors. In this role, you'll earn around CAD79,000 annually.

You’ll be in charge of monitoring and training rig workers, and ensuring operations adhere to company regulations and safety guidelines.

For such a role, you need a Master’s of Science in Petroleum Engineering.

#3: Air traffic controller

Air traffic controllers make sure aircraft land safely and don’t collide with other aircraft coming in from all over the world.

With the large volume of air traffic Canada’s airports receive, you’ll have a big task on your hand! As a traffic controller, you can expect an annual salary of  CAD87,000.

You’ll need a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering.

#4: Statistician

If you are a stats whizz, being a statistician is the way to go. With a Master’s in Finance, you could work as an actuary planning insurance policies or even at the national statistical office Statistics Canada.

As a statistician, you’ll earn around CAD90,000 a year.

#5: Engineering manager

As an engineering manager, you’ll have to be both people and tech-savvy. You’ll need to track metrics and guide the engineering team in delivering the best results. You could earn around CAD94,000 in this role.

To become an engineering manager, you’ll need a Master’s in Engineering.

#6: Public administration director

If you dream of becoming a public administration manager, don’t worry if you’ve never worked in the field. 

With a Master’s of Public Administration, you will be trained to help manage governmental projects that will help the community as a whole!

As a public administration manager, you’ll earn CAD99,000 a year.

#7: Power systems operator

Power Systems operators oversee electricity generation and transmission using mission-critical systems.

If the workings of power stations interest you, consider doing a Master’s of Electrical Engineering. 

In this role, you’ll earn around CAD84,000.

#8: Health & community service manager

With five years of experience and a Master’s of Health Administration, you could work as a Health and Community Service Manager earning CAD100,000 annually.

You’ll plan and manage social and healthcare programmes, working with other community stakeholders to assess their effectiveness.

#9: Financial Manager

If you have a keen eye for detail and can handle large volumes of data, consider becoming a financial manager.

You can work in a variety of industries, from banks to consumer goods. By analysing the organisation's financial data, you'll come up with plans to ensure the company's activities remain profitable.

With a Master’s in Finance, you could step into this role and earn CAD96,000 a year.

#10: Senior business manager

As a senior business manager, you could earn CAD97,000. 

Senior business managers come up with targets and strategies to ensure the smooth workings of an organization. You’ll be responsible for overseeing general activities and liaising with board members.

If this role suits your fancy, consider doing a Master’s of Science in Business Analytics.

Take The Next Step Towards Fulfilling Your Career Aspirations

With a low unemployment rate of 5.5% and a demand for specific roles in various industries, Canada is the place to be if you are searching for new career opportunities.

If you dream of having one of the high paying jobs in Canada, selecting the right Master's Degree is vital.

At IDP, we offer dedicated advice to help you achieve your goals one step at a time. 

Our Education Counselors are here to help you plan your entire postgraduate journey, from choosing the perfect Master’s Degree to sorting out your accommodation.

If you are ready to take the next step without sweating the tiny details, book a consultation today!

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