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Highest-Paying Part-Time Jobs In The UK

The UK is starting to become an even more attractive destination for international students, not just with its array of high quality universities, but also with the availability of a two-year post-study work visa for international students.

However, during the school semester, there are many students who attempt to work part-time while chasing their undergrad or postgrad dreams. Some use the extra money to supplement their living expenses while others work part-time to understand the local culture better as well as to make more friends and in the process, connections.

Finding the Best Paid Part-Time Jobs in the UK

In fact, around 67% of students rely on part-time jobs to fund their living costs. 

Since the UK only allows overseas students to work 20 hours per week during school term, you might want to maximise your time by picking out part-time jobs that pay better. Besides, being paid more means you can work less and devote more time to your main objective - your studies.

Best Part-time Jobs in the UK

1. Accountant

If you've got excellent math skills and an analytical mind, you'll thrive in an accountancy position. One of the most well-paid part-time jobs in the UK, the role of the accountant involves preparing business accounts and helping companies to get a better view of their financial status.

Now, becoming an accountant isn't a walk in the park.

You're going to need a natural appetite for numbers and experience using the latest accounting software. Fortunately, a degree isn't necessary to get started.

On average, part-time accountants earn about £15 per hour, but you can get as much as £20 an hour as you begin to make a good reputation. It's even easier to get a great wage if you can get the AAT qualifications to spruce up your CV.

2. Computer Programmer

This part-time position is best suited for people who already have a bachelor's degree in computer science. If you're starting your education from scratch - programming isn't for you.

However, you can get in on the ground floor of this career option if you're taking accounting, science, or admin degrees too - so don't be afraid to check out your options.

As a programmer, you'll be expected to work on a lot of different tasks at once, so a lateral-thinking mind and multi-tasking skills are essentials. You'll also need to work hand-in-hand with software engineers too - so be a team player!

On average, computer programmers earn around £20k a year - but senior individuals with specific expertise can even consult at a rate of between £70 and £150 an hour! Clearly, this is one of the best-paid part-time jobs in the UK.

3. Teaching Assistant / Tutor

If you love the idea of sharing your knowledge with others, but you don't want to get a degree as a teacher - this is the option for you.

Tutoring gives you a part-time way to enlighten others with your specific selection of skills and knowledge. You can even record videos and sell them on sites like "TakeLessons."

It's up to you what you want to teach. Some of the best part-time jobs for students in the UK involve merely sharing what you learn in your Uni classes with other students who are struggling. You could also teach things utterly unrelated to your course - like how to code or play the guitar.

Another great thing about tutoring? You can advertise yourself on social media!

The average pay for a tutor in the UK is around £23,187 per year.

4. Customer Service

Looking for a simple way to top up your cash?

No problem - why not try customer service?

Customer service roles in the UK can pay up to £10.35 an hour - which is a lot more than you'd get from some other careers.

What's more, you're not going to need any specialist skills to get started.

As long as you have a friendly attitude and you're willing to go above and beyond to support your clients, you'll do well in a customer service gig.

One good tip is to look for a job in an industry that's related to what you want to do later. That way, even if the work you do each day isn't very interesting, you'll at least be gaining experience that will make your CV stand out later.

5. Pet Care

Finally, another of the most simple but well-paid part-time jobs in the UK is pet care. If you love taking care of furry friends like cats and dogs, then you can hire out your services to keep cats and dogs company when their owner isn't available.

There are plenty of sites available in the UK to get you started, like Minders-Keepers, or You can even just offer your services through social media as a dog walker or a part-time cat whisperer.

Pet care gets you out and about through the day when you're not at school, and it's an excellent opportunity to earn some extra cash too. The average pay for a pet sitter is £24.23 a day in the UK.

Choosing the Highest Paid Jobs in the UK

Getting one of the best-paid part-time jobs in the UK is just one part of creating a comfortable life for yourself as you learn in the UK.

If you're planning on studying abroad, our counselors will be on hand to guide you through the entire process - from applying to the university to settling accommodation needs.

Contact us today to book your first counseling session!

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