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Here’s why IELTS is the best English test for work and study abroad

IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) is a test that assesses the proficiency of non-native English speakers. If you are considering going overseas for study, work, migration, or other personal life goals, taking IELTS will help you apply to your preferred school and get a visa or study permit in English-speaking countries. 

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Filipinos who want to pursue an international career in the near future will find IELTS to be the best choice over other English Proficiency Tests because:


1. IELTS is Widely Accepted

IELTS is the world’s most accepted and recognized English language Certificate in over 140 countries including Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, and the USA, unlike other English tests that are only accepted in a limited number of countries and institutions. Simply put, IELTS is a ticket to the world!

2. Availability and Reliability

IELTS is trusted in its test system process from the registration to the release of the test results. More importantly, information about the test availability is just one click away which makes it easily accessible for the test takers to be informed of the test dates, venues, and fees. The steps are guided clearly and transparently.

No matter which country you live in, you can find an IELTS test center(s) in accessible locations because IELTS is available in more than 1,600 centers in over 140 countries worldwide. Below are the links for the IELTS test availability.

Check out the test schedules and preferred venues near you:

3. Comprehensive Preparation Materials, Offered Free

With IDP IELTS offerings and sample test questions and recordings for the complete four sections of the IELTS test, you will benefit a lot from the free services and materials provided on the websites using which you can self-diagnose your level and also practice and pre-train the test skills. This will plan out effective ideas on how you would prepare for the test. 

4. IELTS Helps Improve your English Skills

When you prepare for the test, IELTS not only improves your English skills but also builds up your critical thinking! It boosts the process of brainstorming your logical thoughts and expressing them in spoken or written form. Know more about how IELTS preparation benefits critical thinking here

After all, although your IELTS journey may have started to get the needed requirement to go abroad, your English will be greatly enhanced to higher proficiency while you train your English language skills for the scheduled test. IELTS examines the actual performance of test takers’ English language. Hence, this will be another support for you to immerse well in a new place and smoothly get along with new people, lessening the language barrier. 

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 Written by Myeonghyeon Kim

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