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Pre-departure Support

Living in a new country is exciting, but such a big move can also be overwhelming.

IDP is here to equip you with necessary skills and knowledge to make you feel less anxious and more prepared for your study abroad. It’s our job to make sure that you don’t feel alone in this journey. That’s why we host pre-departure orientations throughout the year to help you prepare for life in a new country.

These pre-departure briefings are designed to guide you in navigating personal and cultural growth opportunities while you’re abroad.

You’ll gain insights on:

The local culture

Being familiar with the local culture of your study country will play an important role in your overall experience as an international student. Having knowledge on the customs of the locals can make your transition smoother. It will be easier for you to make friends, use public transportation, and discover more about your new country. Besides, one of the most exciting things about going abroad is learning about the things people from other cultures do differently.



Student life in your new country

You can’t expect to have the same study experience abroad as you did in your home country. But that’s alright! Adjusting to a new learning environment can be a bit challenging, but it will definitely make you a better-rounded student and individual. Feel free to ask your classmates or teachers if you have any questions about the norms in your new school. It’s a great way to meet new friends!



Culture shock

It’s normal to feel a sense of shock when adjusting to a culture different from your own. Culture shock is real and many foreigners experience it when travelling to another country. Some cultural differences can easily be overlooked but some can be so striking that they cannot be ignored.  IDP’s pre-departure orientation will teach what to do when faced with this kind of situation.



Support & wellbeing in your new country

No matter how ready you think you are, you will always need help when transitioning to a new country. IDP can provide you with some advice on where to go for practical support that’s available to international students. Whether it’s academic support, English language help or visa advice, there is somebody who can help you.



Banking and foreign exchange

The first thing you should do upon arriving in your study country is set up a bank account. It is highly-recommended for you to have one so that you have easy access to your money to pay for your accommodation, tuition fees and living expenses. In case you choose to work, your employer will be able to deposit your salary to your account. 



Working while you study and advice on internships

One of the best things about studying in Australia is that you can choose to be a working student and have an income while studying. IDP’s pre-departure orientation will tackle your work options and rules that come with them. We can also give you some tips on finding a good student job.




A network of advice

During the pre-departure orientation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to IDP alumni and network with current and future students just like you.



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