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Explore Australia: Places You Must See While Studying!

After the global epidemic, also known as COVID-19, our most important individual effort to protect the public health was to stay in our homes and not go out unless we have to. While workplaces take steps to ensure that their employees can work more safely from their homes, education institutions also continue their schedule with theoretical lessons over the internet, also known as distance education to prevent the spread of the virus.

We are staying away from our loved ones and what we enjoy doing in our daily lives. While we are demoralised because we postponed our education plans abroad, socialization and internet has become more important in our lives, which provides us the fastest and safest way in our personal and cultural development.

We have faith for a healthy and happy future! Therefore, we have compiled for you everything about Australia, one of IDP's foreign education countries, where you can travel without leaving your house!

Our first stop is Sydney!

Sydney, one of Australia's most famous and oldest settlements, has 360 ° videos of how you can spend a day in the city.

The first one of these videos, along with the audio guide, takes you around the Opera House  and then takes you to the magnificent Main Hall. After you admire the view on the glazed terrace of the Opera House, it will take you to Bondi Beach, one of Sydney's famous beaches, and you will take a walk on the Coastal Walk with the view of the white waves.

The second video will take you off the ground after you walk  from the Circular Quay to the Harbor Bridge! You will be filled with blue and white waves in this video which will take you a tour of Sydney's coastal beaches from the air.

If you want to take a step-by-step tour of Sydney's famous Opera House, Google Arts & Culture gives you this opportunity! You can reach the link where you can visit the Sydney Opera House from here. You can also find out more about art and culture in Australia through Google Arts & Culture here.

Our second stop is Melbourne!

We will visit the second largest city in Australia, which ranked first in The Economist magazine's “World's most livable cities” in 2011. Let's visit Melbourne, which is worth mentioning in sports as well as its historical, climate and cultural structure.

Our first video starts from Patrick’s Cathedral, it allows you to visit Melbourne's unique architectural structures and navigate its squares and bridges.

We should also mention tennis when it comes to Melbourne. The annual tennis tournament, also known as the Australian Open, was organized for the first time in Melbourne in 1880. You can visit this link to learn about the history and development of Tennis in Australia.

Also, if you want to experience the developments of art and cultural events in Melbourne over the years, you can check this address!

Our Third and Last Stop: Kangaroo Islands

Kangaroo Islands is Australia's third largest island after Tasmania and Melville Islands. It offers an experience worth seeing with its many protected national parks, campsites and beaches.

Australia, which offers us many options with its unique beauties, history, art, sports and cultural events, is of course not a country that can be limited by what we have written and put together here. The parts we have gathered for you are only a portion of them. We hope to help you create a few routes for your study abroad dreams, which will turn into reality when everything goes well.

IDP Education offers free education abroad to learn more about education opportunities, application conditions and living opportunities in Australia. Contact us, our expert consultants will gladly help you!

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