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IDP Services & Assistance

Why IDP?

IDP counsellors offer you impartial and professional advice on international higher education institution and course options based on your academic qualifications and work experience, keeping in mind your budget, city and other preferences.

Institution application processing

IDP offices have all the relevant institution application forms, brochures and handbooks. Counsellors will help you compile your application and certify the documents supporting it. Your application will be forwarded to the institution and your counsellor will follow up for a response.

You will also be invited to meet education institution representatives who will assess your application and determine your eligibility for the course through our information sessions and exhibitions. 

Response from institution

When an institution offers you a place of study, you will receive an offer letter. In some cases, education institution representatives are able to assess your eligibility for the course and print out an offer letter.

Visa applications

Sometimes applying for visas can feel like a difficult process, but our team is here to make sure you have access to all the correct information. There are several steps students to applying for a student visa. The order of these steps and how you complete them vary according to where you are planning to study. 

As visa requirements can change quickly, IDP can ensure you have access to official websites and can make sure you have the latest applications forms. To reduce the hassle, we can also help with translating and couriering your documents. The processes and requirements that international students must meet to be eligible for a student visa differ from country-to-country, so it is really important to stay up to date with latest information.

Pre-departure sessions

Preparing to study abroad can be daunting. The IDP Education team contains experts in all aspects of studying overseas. They can answer your queries and help settle your nerves.

IDP Education hosts pre-departure briefings throughout the year to help prepare you for student life in your new country.

At the briefing, you will receive information about:

  • Student life in your new country
  • Adapting to the culture
  • How to deal with homesickness

You will also have the opportunity to network with other students, including alumni, current students and future classmates.

We can also advise you on ticketing, foreign exchange, travel insurance, opening a bank account and international calling cards.

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