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MSc in Canada

The vibrancy of Canada’s multicultural diversity and proximity to natural landscapes along with multiple post-graduation opportunities make the country a top destination for education for those looking to get their Masters in Science (MSc) degrees. MSc programs in Canada can be course-based, research-based, or a mix of both, and are typically focused on scientific and mathematical fields like environmental studies, space studies, aviation, medicine, information technology, engineering and finance management.

Find the MSc you want in Canada

  • Research rigour: Canadia is renowned for its research-intensive universities and offer research opportunities supported by the government and industry players. University programs also focus on preparing graduates with the ability to think critically
  • Industry relations: Universities work closely with the relevant businesses in the industry to ensure that the education experience remain relevant to the changing working environment.
  • Post-study opportunities: Canada is one of the few nations that allow international students to stay and work or up to 3 years upon graduating from their studies.
  • Multicultural diversity: Canada is known for its open and welcoming culture and a rich diversity of international ethnic groups.
  • The great outdoors - From the beauty of the Great Lakes of Ontario and Rocky Mountains to the unspoilt wilderness of the vast Northwest Territories, there's plenty to explore during your MA.

Choosing your university

Here are some key things to look out for in choosing your university:


  • Research facilities – Cutting-edge equipment and resources can reflect the willingness of the university to invest in research and education, and enable the research work and practical assignments done during your coursework.
  • Curriculum – Whether you are looking to specialise or gain deeper cross-disciplinary expertise in your field of study, do a research into the university structure and curriculum to see if they can fit your needs.
  • Location – Popular choices for study include Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec. Choose the city that fits best in terms of lifestyle, budget and university choices.
  • Course structure and fee – While tuition fees shouldn’t vary too much for the same fields of study, the kind of financial assistance and scholarships available to you may differ more substantially.

Admission requirements for Candian universities

While requirements may differ across universities, typical key requirements for taking an MS/MSc include:

  • BSc in chosen subjects, or qualifications comparable to a Canadian Bachelor's degree
  • TOEFL Certification
  • GRE/GMAT Exams
  • Work Experience
  • Letter of Reference – Reference letters may be needed, and can be from college lecturers, academic professors, or work employers, depending on the university.
  • Others – Some institutions may also ask for written samples or copies of your published work as a part of their eligibility criteria

Finding what fits you best can be overwhelming. IDP international education specialists guide you through your options and the necessary application processes for universities and visas. Speak to us now for free.

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