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MBA in the USA


Find the MBA you want in the USA

There are perhaps few places better to get your Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree then where it originated from. A plethora of options from Harvard University and Stanford University to the University of California Berkeley is found in the USA, along with vast opportunities to connect with the many international conglomerates that headquarter their business operations in the USA.

The combination of practical focus and academic challenge make the prospect of studying MBA highly appealing for those who are attracted to the competitive learning environment offered by the universities of USA. Specialisations offered include fields in Innovation Management / Entrepreneurship, Information Security, Energy and Cleantech among others. MBA graduates can find career opportunities in a myriad of different sectors with the kind of management skills and expertise gained.


Why get your MBA in the USA?

Here’s what USA can offer to those looking to get an MBA in the USA:

  • Quality of education. USA continues to be where the world’s best MBA programs can be found, with a total of 51 universities in the top 100 of the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2017. 
  • Career opportunities. Getting an MBA can be a pathway to the American economy, where many of the world’s biggest companies are headquartered in. Many MBA programs also provide the opportunity of internships that can lead to full-time job offers.
  • Network and connections. Top business schools in the USA boast established networks and connections with domestic and international businesses in the world that graduates can tap into when seeking post-graduation employment.
  • Diversity. With a classroom of students belonging to various regions of the world, international students get to learn a lot about business management activities of other countries.

Finding what fits you best can be overwhelming. IDP international education specialists guide you through your options and the necessary application processes for universities and visas. Speak to us now for free.

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