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Advices for International Students Before Departing for Destination Countries

Has your application been accepted to an overseas university? Your visa and ticket already in hand? Accommodation, living expenses and your study fees are arranged and you will soon start college? If so, then it's time for you to prepare yourself to leave!

To make sure everything runs smoothly, we at IDP will help you finalize your departure preparations with the Pre-Departure Support session

We will provide guidance and help answer all your questions about moving to a new city as an international student.


We will explain the season when you arrive in the new country, and tricks to deal with it. If you have no experience dealing with temperatures dropping in the fall and of course, winter, don't worry. We will share tips for you.

Currency exchange

The first few weeks you are abroad, it is natural if you are a little unsure by the calculation of the currency there. You may also be asking about how to pay and withdraw cash for daily needs. We will explain these simple but important details to you.

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Local shopping

Do you have a few things you need to buy in your destination city? Bring your shopping list to stores and supermarkets in your city. We know the right place!

Where to shop Asian ingredients

Staying in the 'West' country for a while may make you miss Indonesian food or other Asian flavors such as Chinese, Japanese, Indian or Korean cuisine. Our counselor can give you a few tips that come from personal experience! As a starter, you can read our articles on Getting Asian Groceries in Melbourne and Where to Get Asian Groceries in Auckland, New Zealand.

Transportation from after landing at the airport

Even though you are far from home, you are not alone! We have experience with many international students in the same country and are ready to arrange your arrival in the destination city.

Mobile recommendations

At present, there are many kinds of sim cards and packages. Even for operators in Indonesia you may not so acquainted with the options, now especially if you just arrived abroad. Now, in this Pre-Departure Support session, we can also give some good operator recommendations in your destination country.

Proper preparation for your studies overseas is essential for your success. If you need further guidance, don't hesitate to contact the IDP counselor. Selamat jalan and happy studying!

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