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World’s Top Universities List

-Top 10 universities in the world according to Times Higher Education

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There is no doubt that everybody wants to take the best option in every step of his/her life, and the same rule applies in terms of choosing a university. This is the reason why many people are competing to get to a university or college which is classified as one of the most high-ranked, not only in their home country but also in comparison to other universities around the world if possible. Rankings of the universities of the world are published by several independent bodies, and the common list of university ranking being used now are by Times Higher Education, QS World University Rankings, and sometimes Shanghai Academic. In this article we will use the chart from Times Higher Education or generally abbreviated as THE.

According to THE, 10 best universities in the world in year 2019 are majorly coming from English-speaking countries such as United Kingdom and United States. Check out the list below.

  • #1: University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • #2: Stanford University, United States
  • #3: Harvard University, United States
  • #4: California Institute of Technology (Caltech), United States
  • #5: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States
  • #6: University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • #7: University of California, Berkeley, United States
  • #8: Yale University, United States
  • #9: Princeton University, United States
  • #10: University of Chicago, United States

Indeed, the line-up of universities with big names such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, has been contending each other in an elite rivalry for many years. Even though one of them has a lower achievement throughout a year, it is unlikely that the rank will change drastically from the current position. It’s not a surprise if these names are already very well-known from generation to generation. The reputations eventually garner a lot of enthusiasm between students and parents from various countries every year, which ultimately contributes to a strict intake selection. Many interested students did not get accepted because they are not qualified enough for the entry requirements.

If we are considering about qualities of universities, THE is not the only source of information. There are several high-profile and reputable university groups in the world. For example, you might want to see:

  1. United Kingdom’s Russell Group
  2. American’s Ivy League
  3. Australian’s Group of Eight (Go8)

These groups comprise prestigious universities with the greatest quality.

IDP partners among best universities in the world

Whether it is university ranking from QS, THE, or special groups such as Russell Group and the Group of Eight, you can find that the world's best universities are included as university partners of IDP Education. This means that you should not not hesitate to trust IDP as the best place to plan your study and process your applications. Through IDP, the smoother process from when you apply until you begin to study is guaranteed.

Check out IDP partner universities charted by THE as The Global Top 150 in 2019 below:


Best in Australia, World rank #32: University of Melbourne

World rank #51: University of Sydney

World rank #59: Australian National University 

World rank #62: University of Queensland

World rank #64: Monash University

World rank #67: University of New South Wales

World rank #118: University of Adelaide

World rank #139: University of Western Australia

These universities belong to Australia’s elite Group of Eight


World rank #1: University of Oxford

World rank #6: University of Cambridge

World rank #11: Imperial College London

World rank #16: UCL

World rank #27: London School of Ecomonics and Political Science

World rank #30: University of Edinburgh

World rank #35: King's College London

World rank #51: University of Manchester

World rank #77: University of Warwick

World rank #91: University of Bristol

World rank #92: University of Glasgow

World rank #107: University of Brimingham


These universities belong to UK’s Russell Group except for Lancaster University.


Ranked best in Ireland, ranked #155 globally: Trinity College Dublin


World rank #18: University of Toronto

The top 150 ranking according to the Times Higher Education is taken in March 2019.

There are numerous IDP partners with world-class quality and included in global Top 200 or Top 500. For those of you who are still new to this rating system, it may paint a better picture that the current best university in Indonesia is University of Indonesia and it has topped the range of world ranking 601-800. Knowing this comparison, it is certainly imaginable that the top list of IDP’s partner universities is a line of excellent educational institutions of superior quality. Not only that, but the educational facilities and infrastructure provided by IDP partner institutions surely support the strength of both the student’s workforce competitiveness as well as their research-based knowledge. Therefore, there are so many candidates of international students who are very interested in applying to the institutions through the help of IDP Education. Do you want to be one of them?

If you are interested in applying to any of the above universities or other universities in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, or the New Zealand, please fill out the form to Book Appointment. We will immediately contact you by phone to confirm your data, and then schedule consultations with an IDP counselor nearest to your city.

By registering with us, you can receive a variety of IDP services for free. Including consultations to choose the right destination country, college or university, and the right course or research field that fits your qualifications. These consultations are done with a trained IDP Education counselor with extensive study abroad experience, so you can receive the guidance personally in a one-on-one setting. After finding the right course, we can also help you to apply directly to your chosen institutions. You only need to provide all the required documents to the counselor, and they will help you complete the application. Once you are successfully accepted, you can proceed to the payment transaction. The remaining process such as visa application, insurance (OSHC specific for Australia), bank account creation, up until accommodation, everything can be taken care of through the same counselor. Isn't it easy?

What are you waiting for, book yourself a free consultation with IDP today!

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