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IELTS Computer-based Test in Indonesia

IELTS computer-based test is here at IDP Indonesia! Currently the test is held at IDP office in South Jakarta. Please note that you will still be able to complete a paper-based format IELTS test if you prefer. 

The test will be held on selected days and registration will close four days before the test date, subject to availability of places.

So, what is new about the IELTS on Computer?

If you choose the new option, you will take the Listening, Reading and Writing sections using a computer. The Speaking test will remain face-to-face, as we believe it is the most effective way of assessing your speaking skills and prompts a more lifelike performance.

All other aspects of the test are identical, whether it is taken on paper or on the computer. Results for the IELTS computer test will be available 3-5 days after you finish all sections of your test.

Still the same IELTS test:

  • Content
  • Timings
  • Question types
  • Marking
  • Security arrangements
  • Speaking test delivery (face-to-face)

IELTS Test Format

Receive your results within 3 to 5 calendar days

Regardless of whether you choose to take the IELTS test on paper or on the computer, you will receive the same Test Report Form (TRF). You will receive your results within 3 to 5 days when you sit for an IELTS computer test.

Let us get familiar with the IELTS on computer test

Take a look at this short tutorial video to help you understand and prepare for the IELTS computer test.

Before you head into your test, make sure you take some time to get familiar with the computer-delivered format of the test. These sample materials will give you an idea of what to expect in the computer-delivered Listening, Reading and Writing sections.

Practice with some Computer-delivered test questions:

Computer-delivered Listening Practice Tests

Computer-delivered Academic Reading Writing Practice Tests

Computer-delivered General Training Reading Writing Practice Tests

Which IELTS is the best for you?

Take a moment to watch the video below to help you decide which IELTS is best suited for you.

Computer IELTS Test Booking

Looking for additional information about taking computer-delivered IELTS. Visit our IELTS Frequently Asked Questions below.


Find out more IELTS Information

IELTS Test Location in Indonesia

How to Prepare for IELTS

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