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Short Courses are Available in the UK. Register for the Programs with IDP!

You can study or take short English courses in the UK

Studying in UK is fun. You can feel new experiences, just like what Dhika shares in this video:

In the other hand, not many people are aware that we don’t need to pursue a formal education to try out education in UK. Some students wish to experience all the exciting things when studying in UK academies, but they aren’t ready yet to enroll in higher education level such as for Bachelor or Master’s degrees. As a solution, they can opt for short courses programs.

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Choices for UK short courses

A number of UK institutions offer short term study programs, such as:

  • Summer school,
  • IELTS preparation and English Language Courses,
  • And more academic programs, depends on courses and certification level.

These short courses programs are offered by some colleges and universities. The duration is around 2 weeks and up until a few months, depends on the program types.

Short-term student visa

UK government provides opportunity to apply for short-term student visa. This visa is valid for 6 months for every short course you take, or up to 11 months if you are 16 years old or more and taking English Language Courses.

To be eligible, you are required to have a proof from the institution such as Letter of Offer or Letter of Acceptance, you must have enough money during your study and to travel back to your country. Furthermore, there are some limitations you should obey. For example, this visa cannot be extended, you cannot study in a state-funded school, and you cannot work or have any business during your study.

You can check this website for further details:

Foundation Studies

For you who have plans to study in one of the English speaking countries, you can also get into preparation program called Foundation studies in UK. The duration of the program can span until 1 academic year that consists of 1-3 terms. Each term is carried out for 7-14 weeks long.

I want to ask or apply for a program!

For a complete information, you can ask and have a more detailed consultation with IDP Indonesia’s counselor. You can also apply for these programs with us!

Free Counselling with IDP Indonesia

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