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Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022

Published annually by the Times Higher Education (THE) magazine, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings is globally recognised and one of the go-to ranking providers for quality assessment of institutions all over the world.

Its ranking methodology is based on 13 calibrated performance indicators, categorised within five areas: Teaching (the learning environment), Research (volume, income and reputation), Citations (research influence), International Outlook (staff, students and research) and Industry Income (knowledge transfer).

Each indicator contributes a percentage towards an institution’s final score.

Teaching (30%)

• Reputation survey: 15%

• Staff-to-student ratio: 4.5%

• Doctorate-to-bachelor’s ratio: 2.25%

• Doctorates-awarded-to-academic-staff ratio: 6%

• Institutional income: 2.25%

This performance indicator studies the perceived prestige of institutions in teaching, gleaned from the Academic Reputation Survey. It provides a sense of how much effort goes into nurturing the next generation of academics, with responses representative of the global academy’s statistical geographical and subject mix.

Research (30%)

• Reputation survey: 18%

• Research income: 6%

• Research productivity: 6%

The research metric focuses on an institution’s reputation for research excellence, with responses taken from the Academic Reputation Survey. THE rankings also note that the research income is scaled against academic staff numbers and adjusted for purchasing-power parity (PPP). With regards to quantifying productivity, THE totals the number of publications within the Elsevier’s Scopus database, which provides a sense of the institution’s ability to have published papers in quality peer-reviewed journals.

Citations (30%)

This particular indicator measures the role of a university in spreading new knowledge and ideas. THE calculates it by quantifying the number of times an institution’s work is cited by scholars globally. This year, the ranking provider’s bibliometric data supplier Elsevier examined 77.4 million citations to 12.8 million journal articles, article reviews, conference proceedings and books over a span of five years.

International Outlook (7.5%)

• Proportion of international students: 2.5%

• Proportion of international staff: 2.5%

• International collaboration: 2.5%

THE’s aim in this indicator is to measure an institution’s ability to attract students and faculty members from all over the world. It quantifies this by calculating the proportion of a university’s total research journal publications that have a minimum of one international co-author.

Industry Income (2.5%)

This indicator focuses on capturing the knowledge-transfer capability of a university, especially with its ability to inject respective industries with “innovations, inventions and consultancy”. Such an indicator also provides a sense of an institution’s ability to attract funding from commercial entities - the willingness of businesses to pay for research.

Below, we’ve compiled the top universities in each destination - Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the UK and USA. If you’re keen to find out more on what it means to study abroad in any of these countries, fill in your details and make a free appointment with one of our friendly counsellors!


THE Top 10 Universities in Australia 2022

Rank University Global Rank
1 University of Melbourne 33
2 Australian National University 54
3 The University of Queensland 54
4 Monash University 57
5 University of Sydney 58
6 UNSW Sydney 70
7 University of Adelaide 111
8 The University of Western Australia 132
9 University of Technology Sydney 143
10 University of Canberra 170


THE Top Universities in New Zealand 2022

Rank University Global Rank
1 University of Auckland 137
2 Auckland University of Technology 201-250
3 University of Otago 201-250
4 University of Waikato 401-500
5 University of Canterbury 501-600

Lincoln University

7 Victoria Universityof Wellington 501-800
8 Massey University 601-800


THE Top 10 Universities in Canada 2022

Rank University Global Rank
1 University of Toronto 18
2 University of British Columbia 37
3 McGill University 44
4 McMaster University 80
5 University of Montreal 88
6 University of Alberta 125
7 University of Ottawa 162
8 University of Calgary 201 - 250
9 Simon Fraser University 201-250
10 University of Waterloo 201-250


THE Top 10 Universities in the UK 2022

Rank University Global Rank
1 University of Oxford 1
2 University of Cambridge 5
3 Imperial College London 12
4 UCL 18
5 London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 27
6 University of Edinburgh 30
7 King’s College London 35
8 University of Manchester 50
9 University of Warwick 78
10 University of Glasgow 86


THE Top Universities in Ireland 2022

Rank University Global Rank
1 Trinity College Dublin 146
2 RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences 201-250
3 University College Dublin 201-250
4 University College Cork 251-300
5 National University of Ireland, Galway 351-400
6 Dublin City University 501-600
7 Maynooth University 501-600
8 University of Limerick 601-800
9 Technological University Dublin 1001-1200


THE Top 10 Universities in USA 2022

Rank University Global Rank
1 California Institute of Technology 2
2 Harvard University 2
3 Stanford University 4
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5
5 Princeton University 7
6 University of California, Berkeley 8
7 Yale University 9
8 The University of Chicago 10
9 Columbia University 11
10 John Hopkins University 13

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