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Cost of living in Australia

Australia is an ideal place to enjoy a world class education and outstanding quality of life, but there are several expenses to consider before you study overseas. But before you leave Malaysia, consider these pointers to understand what will be an indicative overall cost of living in Australia for you. 

Accommodation expenses 

You may stay as a resident on campus. However, if you are unable to find such accommodation, you might have to look for a room on rent, homestay or find a local host. The cost will vary from city to city.

Everyday expenses

You need to keep aside money for your grocery shopping, social activities and emergency situations. When living in a foreign country, it is better to keep a track of your expenditures so that you do not over spend. The Australian government recommends a single student budget of AUD 20,290 a year for living expense (approx. figure, bound to fluctuate with changing economy).

Transportation expenses

A lot of universities provide buses to ferry their students. However, if you move around the city a fair bit, you need to keep aside separate funds for using the public transport. 

Keep in mind

Exchange rate variations may also affect your budgeting. It is advisable to look for a part time job while you are in Australia or seek scholarship in the universities you apply to. This will greatly reduce your cost of living in Australia.

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