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Top five MBA schools in Australia

Want to gain a world-class Masters degree in Business Administration?

Australia is home to some of the world’s leading universities. In fact, 19 Australian universities are ranked among the top 400 schools in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Here are the top five MBA courses in Australia.

1. Monash University

Total course fee: 2.9M

World ranking: 84th / 760

The Monash’s MBA course is designed for emerging career professionals with the capability and ambition to be future leaders. It provides a basic framework of analytical, strategic and problem-solving skills, and it develops the critical personal and professional competencies of participants. The MBA course aims to develop graduates who are global in orientation and socially-responsible practitioners.

2. The University of New South Wales

Total course fee: 2.2M

World ranking: 96th / 760

UNSW has one of the top 100 MBA programs, as ranked by the Financial Times (UK). With this degree, you can reach your full career potential and fast track your success, develop critical thinking, exceptional management knowledge, communication skills and cultural awareness, and experience full-time study at our purpose-built Business School campus at UNSW, Sydney – the financial capital of Australia and gateway to the world’s fastest growing economic region of Southeast Asia.

3. The University of Western Australia

Total course fee: 2.7M

World ranking: 134th / 760

The University of Western Australia’s MBA Full Time Intensive gives you the opportunity to enhance your career prospects through more direct contact with business leaders and a personalised leadership development program. In just 12 months, UWA's MBA Full Time Intensive will enhance your career prospects anywhere in the world. The UWA MBA Full Time Intensive will give you the best chance to become a future leader by enabling you to concentrate on one of three specialist focus areas: leadership, resources, or management.

4. The University of Adelaide

Total course fee: 2.5M

World ranking: 134th / 760

The University of Adelaide’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is widely recognised for its high quality and rigour. Equipping students with lifelong skills in leadership, the Adelaide MBA emphasises—and develops—the ability to: understand the functional interrelationships between different parts of an organisation and the broader interaction of the organisation with its environment recognise and act effectively on problems and opportunities confronting an organisation coordinate and apply an organisation's financial, physical, technological and human resources in pursuit of important objectives understand and communicate effectively with people inside and outside an organisation evaluate current management policies and practices to develop new ways to improve organisational effectiveness provide strong leadership. 

5. University of Technology Sydney

Total course fee: 2.9M

World ranking: 196th / 760

The UTS MBA is designed for early career professionals seeking to either extend their knowledge and capabilities into managerial roles, or to change careers into a new field of business. The flexible 16-subject program features a core of eight subjects that introduce students to key managerial and business concepts, with the eight remaining subjects allowing a choice of major, sub-majors and or electives. All MBA subjects are approved by an industry board that insists on 'relevance to workplace' as a pre-eminent subject design principle. The MBA provides knowledge and skills that are essential for superior management performance.

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With a strong economy and student-friendly post-study opportunities, it is easy to see why Australia is a popular study destination for international students.

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Australia is home to some of the world’s leading universities. Australian universities offer a high level of support to international students, including foundation years and pathways, academic support, English language support and consumer protection.

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