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Study Information Technology in Australia

Find everything you need to start your IT course in Australia

Studying information technology (IT) in Australia creates a huge number of opportunities in a wide range of industries.- The scope for development in the IT sector is almost globally limitless. From coding and hardware support through to elaborate engineering and architecture, the IT world is changing constantly, and it’s always in need of new agile people.

What is Information Technology?

While many think that information technology (IT) is about computer games and being the person they call when they can’t connect to the internet, IT is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world. As more companies move to the cloud, 5G rolls out and global IT spending rising, it’s an industry that is booming.

Broadly, IT is an all-encompassing term that includes anything that uses computers to store, transmit, receive or manipulate data. It covers everything from hardware creation and repairs, software and app development to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

IT now and in the future

40 years ago, this industry did not exist. The first real personal computer was sold in 1984, and the industry has snowballed since then. Now, there is no limit on the market—in 2018 in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) alone, IT spending was $973 billion.

What are the best IT courses in Australia?

IT programs at the universities, colleges and institutions of Australia range from short certificates through to postgraduate degrees. Generally, an entry level certificate is a single year-long, and it gives you basic insight into a small segment of the industry such as HTML coding. Then, there are other certificates or degrees you can do to complement this.

An IT diploma is also 12 months but is more in depth; offering a range of languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create basic apps, websites and programs.

A Bachelor in Computer Science/ Software Engineering/ Computer Forensics/ Information Security/ Data Science is a full time 4-to-5-year course that gives you a great grounding for whatever career you choose. In addition to the fact that it gives you a broad overview of the basics, it also allows you to deep dive into your specialty and subjects of interest.

Graduate certificates are either 6 or 12 months long and give you an extra layer of knowledge that helps you understand and specialise in a specific IT field.

A Master in Engineering/ Data Science/ IT and Technology Management ranges between 1 and 3 years. These papers give high-level information about fields of interest and offers a pathway into excellent job opportunities.

Explore available IT courses in Australia

Application requirements for IT courses in Australia

Application requirements to a bachelor’s degree in IT in Australia differ from institution to another, however, the main and general admission requirements include:

  • Completion of higher secondary school with minimum qualifying marks from a recognised school
  • You’ll need a good IELTS score

To be eligible for an IT master’s program in Australia, you must also:

  • Complete your bachelors in a relevant field from a recognised college or university
  • A good GRE score

How much does it cost to study IT in Australia?

The cost of studying IT in Australia differs according to many factors, such as the institution and the program type. But, in general, the average cost of IT programs in Australia can be as follows*:

Program Average cost/year in AUD
Foundation course (diploma or certificate) $15,000 – $22,000
Bachelor’s degree $15,000 – $33,000
Master’s degree $20,000 – $37,000
PhD $18,000 - $42,000

*Prices are indicative only. Please check with your IDP counsellor for the latest information about the cost of studying Information Technology (IT) in Australia.

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Study IT at one of the top 10 universities in Australia

According to the QS World University Rankings 2021, the below are the top 10 universities in Australia. We can help you find and apply to your dream IT program in all these universities and other top Australian institutions.

QS top 10-EN.png

Top IT jobs in Australia

To succeed in any IT role, you’ll need attention to details, ability to think ahead, and quickly create solutions to new problems. For those with methodical minds, IT is a logical career choice. There are a broad range of IT roles, and the top 10 most common IT jobs in Australia are:

  • IT consultant: Evaluate systems & make software and hardware recommendations
  • Cloud architect: Design & organise cloud systems
  • Computer forensic investigator: Search, identify & evaluate information gleaned from computer systems for legal purposes
  • Health IT specialist: Combine computer skills with health industry knowledge
  • Mobile app developer: Write code for apps
  • Web developer: Create webpages using multiple languages
  • Software engineer: Build programmes using multiple languages
  • IT vendor manager: Oversee supply of hardware & software within an organisation
  • Geospatial professionals: Use geographic data & evaluate trends & patterns
  • Data modeller: Use AI and ML to define relationships between data and make predictions about future behaviour.

Ready to start your IT course in Australia? Let’s help you!

With in-depth knowledge about IT courses in Australia, the visa application process, scholarships and the process of moving to Australia, IDP can give you valuable assistance. Contact your IDP counsellor today

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