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Study in Canada

Academic excellence, affordability and adventure – Canada stands out as an ideal place to study. Canada hosts more than 250,000 international students and has experienced a huge increase in demand from overseas students in recent years. 

Knowing the cost of living is vital when preparing to study abroad. Use our cost of living calculator to estimate how much you will need to cover all your expenses as an international student.

Canada highlights

Canada is a country where brings together many prestigious universities, multicultural communities and the perfect living environment for young people to study, work and live. It also becomes one of the attractive study destination for Cambodian students due to:

✔️ Scenery Environment

✔️ Reasonable tuition fees for a university or college program

✔️ Reasonable living expenses comparing to other popular study destinations

✔️ Clear graduate employment regulations and specific long-term living policies

✔️ Flexible overtime: 20 hours / week during semester, 40 hours / week during vacation

Start the journey to study in Canada - the enrollment period of January & September today with IDP. Our expert counsellors will help you making the best destination on your study choices and the best solution to your financial arrangement for studying in Canada. 

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Support from IDP

IDP understands the difficulties faced by students and parents when preparing their study applications and many questions need to be answered.

If you are planning to study in the United States in the near future, contact our consultants will be devoted to answer any questions.

Find out the reasons why IDP would be the best choice for you to prepare your application to study in the United States:

✔️ Free study abroad information and counselling 

✔️ Introduce suitable scholarship

✔️Advice on choosing a suitable school & course

✔️ Support to apply for admission, track progress and receive confirmation letters from the school

✔️ Advise on accommodation, financial planning, flight bookings, equipment before departure

✔️ Provide pre-departure to students before departing abroad

✔️ The official IELTS Test Centre in Cambodia


Students Essentials

We have a range of special services for students applying to Canada!

Why Study in Canada

While deciding to study overseas is exciting, we understand there are a lot of factors to consider. IDP Education is here to provide accurate guidance and support as you explore educational opportunities in Canada.

Our Partner Institutions

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Education System in Canada

Canada makes a large investment in its education system. In fact, Canada is one of the world top education performers and among the top three countries in spending per capita on public post-secondary education, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Ottawa is a beautiful city located in the eastern region of the province of Ontario. It’s Canada’s capital and home to the Prime Minister and Parliament – but that doesn’t mean it’s boring and stuffy!
Toronto is a city full of diversity, energy, young people, and historical sites. It’s a multicultural hub that will have you feel as if you’re traveling the world.
Canada is a country full of diverse people, cultures, languages and food and there is probably no better place to start to experience that than in Montreal, a hot-spot for international students.
Vancouver is known for its breathtaking views, scenic routes, cyclists and laid-back vibe. Everyone in the city is super active, as you’ll soon come to realise.

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