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Education consulting service for overseas study preparation

For you who want to study to Australia, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, and New Zealand

You may have often heard the word consultant in numerous fields. As a consultant, a person or organization acts as a place for the client to ask questions, gather information, and make sure that any decision taken is the best course of action. IDP Education is the best overseas education consultants in Indonesia who dedicates its excellent service for those of you wanting to continue your education in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Canada, and New Zealand.

As a provider of educational consultancy services, IDP Education can help those of you who wants to prepare and enroll to universities abroad. Your preparation to study in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Canada, or New Zealand, can now be so much simpler.

Support for everyone

If you would like to consult about studying abroad, please do not hesitate to contact IDP. IDP Education’s service is open for public and anyone who needs it. Please fill in the form on this page if you would like to receive our assistance.

For example, IDP Education may receive a consultation enquiry from the student's parents, the student's family, and of course from the students themselves. We assist students who come from various level of education, this includes but not limited to high school, vocational school, Diploma, Undergraduate, as well as Postgraduate level; if the owner of such degree desires to proceed to doctoral level, or if the owner of a PhD wants to deepen their qualifications further. We do not set any age limit for those who seeks our help. Additionally, we also charge no fee for any consultation. For more information on the cost of consultations with IDP Education, please visit the Cost of IDP Services page.

What can we do?

For more information about the kind of support available at IDP education, click on the following link to view it: IDP Service.

Broadly speaking, these are the most popular services from IDP Education which have helped thousands of students to carry out their study abroad plans:

1. Free consultation about studying abroad.

Discuss your study plan with us and we can give you the advice and information you need from the selecting univeristy, course, and even the right country for the qualifications you want. (Click here to learn more).

2. Support for student visa application

Do you want to study abroad in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, or New Zealand and require help to take care of your student visas? Calm down, we can help you. (Click here to learn more).

3. Course Acceptance

IDP Education helps processes your documents starting from your registration to your chosen educational institution all the way to the enrollment phase. You only need to submit your academic documents to the IDP counselor for processing.

4. Student Essential Services

Is a complete package of the most important services an international student needed. Starting from OSHC for students in australia, accommodation information, opening of bank accounts and many more. (Click here to learn more).

In addition to these services, IDP Education is also the co-owner of IELTS test around the world. Therefore, if you require IELTS testing as a prerequisite for your study or migration requirement, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Not a scholarship provider

Do remember that IDP Education within its capacity as an international education consultant cannot assist with the funding of your tuition fee. Tuition fee, living expenses, airplane tickets, and any additional cost must be prepared by the student to be. If you are looking for a full scholarship to fund your education, please contact the selected scholarship provider directly. If you have already secured a source of funding for your education in addition to good qualifications and track record, you have a good chance to earn a partial scholarship or a tuition fee discount in IDP Education’s educational institution partners. Information on partial scholarship opportunities is available at this link.

How can I consult?

Firstly, fill in the form available on this page with your information, or directly click the make appointment button. After filling your contact information make sure your number is reachable as we are going to contact you via the number you have input int the form. Afterward you can set the time for a face to face consultation with our counselor in the IDP Education office which are closest to you.

I want to consult but IDP Office is not available in my city

IDP offices are available in Indonesia’s big cities such as Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali, and Makassar. If you live in another city where you can’t find IDP offices and it’s not possible to have a face to face consultation with an IDP counselor, you do not have to worry. There are other ways to do consultation with the IDP. You can check it out on this link.

IDP Education Events

Check the Upcoming events page to see what events IDP Education have planned in cities all around Indonesia

Many times, IDP is also present in a variety of educational institutions event around the country. Especially for schools and colleges in the country who want to share information about overseas studies for its students.

When do I need an education consultant service?

Perhaps all this time you have been keeping a dream to study abroad? Perhaps your previous score was good enough to get a scholarship chance? Or are you dreaming of earning different experiences abroad? Where should you start?

A similar question certainly has appeared in everyone's mind. The overwhelming amount of possible choices and options can be daunting and it is suddenly hard to make decisions. This is where IDP can play a part within your journey to find your next study destination.

Choosing the destination country, university, department, and even the best place for you to live is only a fraction of what IDP can assist you with. Even if you have already decided on some or most of the things related to your study, our counselor can help facilitate a smoother transition to your destination country by assisting your every step. Bank-account set up and submission of visa application for instance, is some example of IDP’s important service in your migration process.

Why choose IDP?

Of course when choosing an educational consultant, it is important to be fully aware of their experiences and the vastness of information they provide to achieve the best result. IDP has the most experience with an excellent track record of 50 years of experience, and a huge number of successful graduates all over the world. With offices spread over 32 countries and teams of experienced counselors, IDP is ready to help you take the next step on your brand new journey.

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