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Scholarships to Study Abroad

Our guide to help Indonesian students to fund your studies

We understand that studying in another country does not involve big dreams and determination only, it also requires a lot of money.

If funding is one of your biggest concern, you may want to know all the scholarship information we have collected in this section. Pro-tip: There are vast options of partial scholarships, bursaries, and even fully funded scholarship opportunities for Indonesian students to help you focus to your study overseas!

You also may have questions such as, “What are partial scholarships and why is it different from a fully funded program?”, or “I’m not a Straight-A student, my academic history is not that impressive, can I apply for a scholarship?”, and many more. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Now, let’s start by the basics.

The most common types of scholarships for studying abroad include:

  • Merit based:

    These are generally based on a student’s strong academic performance in their previous studies. The requirements for applying vary from a certain minimum GPA to IELTS score. Besides that, merit scholarships also embrace students with special talents and interests such as artistic, athletic, and so on. This is why your extensive extracurricular activities and great service to the community can also take you to be a merit-based scholarship awardee.
  • Destination specific:

    Several public authorities, governments or overseas universities grant bursaries, scholarships, or fellowship funds to international students who meet the requirements. There are many funding supports available in our study destinations. Click on a picture below to read more.
  • Australia Scholarships
    Australia Scholarships
    Canada Scholarships
    Canada Scholarships
    USA Scholarships
    USA Scholarships
    UK Scholarships
    UK Scholarships
    New Zealand Scholarships
    New Zealand Scholarships


  • Subject specific:

    Universities, colleges, research institutions, even private companies often offer partial study funding based on a student’s field of interest. This means they will financially support or waive some components of your study fees according to the terms and conditions. These partial scholarships are also called bursaries and grants, and open for students who plan to pursue a specific subject or course.

    If you’re an Indonesian looking for a fully funded, subject-specific scholarships, you can apply for the LPDP Scholarship program provided by Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance. Click here to read useful secrets to help you compete for LPDP.

    You can apply for the awards directly at each overseas university or at the awarding institutions. We advise you to check individual university scholarship website for the latest update.

  • Based on the student’s background :

    These are based on criteria such as profession, age, where you are from, socioeconomic status, last study level, medical history, etc. For example, an employer may grant you overseas study fund if you show potentials as a capable young leader professionally. This opportunity is also open among Indonesian civil servants such as the Ministry of Education and Culture's Leading Scholarship (Beasiswa Unggulan) Program.

  • Need-based:

    Targeted towards academically sound students facing financial constraint. One of example for the need-based programs available is LPDP (BPI) Affirmation Scholarship. The scholarship from Ministry of Finance Indonesia supports and fully fund students from emerging areas in Indonesia to study overseas. Please note that authorities may ask you for documents such as family income.

  • Athletic scholarships:

    Provided to top-notch sportsmen or based on a student’s sporting achievements, these scholarships can help you fund your study while you are required to contribute with rigorous training and representing your university at events.


*IDP is an overseas education consultant, not a scholarship provider. If you seek partial scholarships from IDP’s institution partners, you can visit an IDP Office and bring your academic documents to consult with IDP counselor.

*The types, requirements and values of the partial scholarships offered by foreign universities on our Scholarships info page are subject to change at any time without prior notice, and this page may not reflect to these changes. Please contact an IDP Education office for more information by filling out the form on this page!

*If you need full scholarships, you can directly check official websites of the scholarship providers. We can help you If you need a Letter of Acceptance or LoA as a condition of LPDP scholarship at a university in Australia, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and New Zealand, an IDP counselor can guide you to obtain the LoA.

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