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Job Prospects in the UK for Malaysian Students

Keen to study and work in the UK? Recent policy changes have made it easier.

Post-study Work Visa

With the latest news that international students can now get a two-year work visa after graduating from an approved UK Higher Education provider, you might be tempted to pursue your dreams there.

For those who are looking to fulfil their career goals in the UK, you would definitely consider this measure as an opportunity, one that wasn’t as appealing in the past.

In fact, the availability of a post-study work visa for graduates is in contrast to the previous policy - which allowed graduates to look for work in the UK for only four months - and now presents an attractive option for international students seeking long-term employment in the country.

Here are some points to note:

  • The new policy has no cap on student numbers

In case you’re thinking that there will be a cap on the total number of international students who would be offered the two-year work visa, there is none set at the moment.

  • Any subject or skill-set is eligible for the two-year Work Visa

Unlike certain requirements in other countries where only graduates in specific fields can apply for a work visa, the current measure allows graduates in the UK to apply for jobs regardless of the subjects they pursued.

  • 2020/21 intake of students can start to benefit

According to a report by The PIE News, Home Office head of Student Migration Policy, Paul Jeffrey, mentioned that the UK government can say “with absolute certainty” that any student enrolling in 2020/21 will benefit. Those who are currently studying and are expected to graduate from the summer of 2021 onwards will also benefit.

  1. Students can switch to a skilled work visa after two years
    For graduates who managed to find employment, they will be able to switch to a skilled work visa after two years - as long as the job can meet the skill requirement of the route.

Part-time Work

Working part-time while you are studying can be a great way to help with the cost of living in the UK and gain work experience in your field of study.

If you have a Tier 4 (general) or a Tier 4 (child) visa, you can work during your studies and holidays if you:

  • are studying at a publicly-funded higher education institution
  • are studying a short-term study abroad program with an overseas higher education institution
  • are over 16
  • are studying a course at NQF level 6 (degree level) and above

However, there may be limits on the type of work you can do and your working hours. Most students can work up to 20 hours a week and full-time during holidays. To find out more, visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website.

You must not work if your passport sticker or identity card says, ‘No Work’ or ‘Work Prohibited’, as you will breach your immigration conditions, which is against the law in the UK.

Finding part-time jobs in the UK

  • You can find part-time jobs in your campus or off-campus
  • The best way to get a job on campus is to regularly check your placement centre’s notice board or staying in touch with the concerned authority for openings
  • On-campus work opportunities include administrative jobs, at the cafeteria or a teaching assistant
  • For off-campus jobs, look for vacancies online on portals like StudentJob, Employment 4 Student, Careers Group London, etc.
  • Look out for jobs in the hospitality and retail industry, they are usually available in abundance
  • You can also work as a tutor if you are a student with any existing qualification or expertise

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