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10 High-Paying Jobs In Australia That Require A Master’s Degree

Fallen in love with the chill vibes and beautiful beaches in Australia? If you are dreaming of moving to Australia, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

On a more practical note, the country is safe and offers a plethora of career opportunities in diverse industries. The cosmopolitan nature of its cities also means that you are sure to feel welcome in your environment.

If you are thinking of accelerating your career or switching to a new industry moving to Australia for further studies is an excellent way to get a fresh start.

Here are the key perks of doing a Master’s Degree in Australia:

  • Get a postgraduate work visa and secure one of the highest-paying jobs in Australia
  • High-quality postgraduate education
  • Get exposure to a new culture
  • Build international professional networks

If you are looking for high paying jobs, Australia has no shortage of outstanding programmes in renowned institutions such as the University of Melbourne to pave your way to success.

To help you decide the best Master’s program for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 high paying graduate jobs in Australia that require a Master’s Degree. 

High Paying Graduate Jobs In Australia  - The Top Ten

#1: Computer & Information Systems Manager

Tech is a booming new field with exciting new technology such as machine learning and AI. Computer Systems Managers ensure the integrated IS system within the company functions smoothly.

With a Master's of Science in Business Analytics, you could take on such a role and earn up to $140k a year.

#2: Architectural Manager

Architectural managers oversee a construction project to ensure that the project plans are structurally sound and meet environmental standards. You could earn around $137k a year.

You’ll need a Master’s in Engineering Management.

#3: Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers work in oil and gas extraction. They manage the operation, maintenance, and installation of equipment.

You’ll earn around $130k per year. If you are keen to transit to this role, you’ll need a Master’s of Science in Petroleum Engineering.

#4: Actuary

Actuaries deal with risk and uncertainty. You can work in various types of insurance, from property to casualty insurance.

If statistics and math are your forte, consider doing a Master’s of Science in Finance to land this high-paying job that’ll net you $110k a year.

#5: Financial Manager

As a financial manager, you could work in organizations ranging from banks to charities. You’ll be in charge of the organisations’ financial health.

You’ll get to analyze the company’s financial data and work closely with the management to ensure the company’s growth.

With a Master’s of Science in Finance, you could land yourself this role and earn $125k a year.

#6: Data Scientist

It’s all about Big Data these days and integrated IT systems that span the entire business. As a data scientist, you’ll help the company make sense of data through visualization and analysis.

You can expect an annual salary of around $100k, and you'll need a Master's of Science in Computer Science.

#7: IT Security Architect

From XSS to DDOS attacks, cyber-attacks are a real threat for organisations today. As an IT Security Architect, you'll need to stay several steps ahead of hackers and build a robust security system.

With a Master’s of Science in Computer Science, you could enter this role and earn $125k a year.

#8: Health Manager

Healthcare organizations have intricate workings that need specialised individuals to manage them.

From creating budgets to maintaining patient records and data, health managers should be able to handle the diverse demands of their roles.

To be qualified, you’ll need a Master’s of Science in Healthcare Management. You stand to earn around $98k.

#9: Nurse Anaesthetist

Nurse Anaesthetists are indispensable in ensuring the success of a surgical procedure.

You’ll be involved in processes from administering anaesthesia to overseeing patient recovery.

As an anesthetist, you’ll earn $165k a year. A high level of training is required to pursue this role, and you’ll need a Master’s of Science in Nursing.

#10: Business Operations Manager

Business operations managers make sure a business is profitable. And that means you'll have to handle a broad scope of work from managing the firm's budget to assessing its marketing strategy.

With an MBA, you’ll be able to assume this role and earn $100k a year.

Take The Next Step And Secure Your Future

If you’ve been thinking of stepping into a new role, Australia is the place to be. With the right postgraduate degree, your dream job could be yours in a couple of years!

At IDP, we ensure that you get the best quality education possible by navigating different universities and guiding you through the course application process.

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