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The Bachelor’s Degree You Need To Get This Highly-Paid Job

When it comes to career aspirations, it’s not all about chasing your dreams and living life to the fullest.

Selecting a field that pays well above the Singapore average salary and provides you with a good income will help you keep your dreams alive, all while keeping your life in order.

Can’t make up your mind about what to study at university? Finding out about some of the highest-paying jobs and the qualifications you’ll need could shed some light on your future options.

In this article, we’ll be spilling the beans about five highest-paying jobs in Singapore as well as the Bachelor’s Degree you’ll need to clinch those positions!

In life, it’s not always about chasing your dreams, but living life to the fullest. We picked out some of the top-paying jobs as well as the overseas degrees you need in order to pursue them.

Five In-Demand and Top Paying Jobs In Singapore

It’s 2019, and we are sure you haven’t missed the buzzwords ‘Blockchain’, ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and so on.

It’s official, technology is the next big thing and being tech-literate could give you a leg up with many things.

But some of the traditional jobs in life sciences, law and finance haven’t lost their shine and continue to be popular among graduates.

If any of the best jobs in Singapore give you that spark of interest, you’ll know where to work towards when university application season comes!

#1: Legal Counsel

The working hours of a lawyer are no joke, you could be working up to a whopping 70 hours a week.

There are many stories of how lawyers baulk under pressure, quit and open new businesses like a hipster cafe. But those who make it in the legal field do make an enviable sum.

With 5 to 10 years of experience, you could be on track to become a senior Legal Counsel or even a partner, drawing up to $27,000 a month!

To become a legal counsel, you’ll have to enrol in a Bachelor of Laws programme in an accredited university and pass a bar exam. If you pursue a legal programme overseas, you’ll have to make sure to be in the top 70% of your cohort!

#2: Data Scientist

As a data scientist, you’re basically a triple threat. If mathematics, computer science, and trend analysis tickle your fancy, the role could be for you!

At the pinnacle of this field, you could earn up to $30,000 a month. As a data scientist, you could work in diverse industries.

From analysing consumer behaviour for marketing to selecting the right course of action for a business, data science is a versatile and in-demand skill.

To get your foot in the door, you’ll need a degree in IT, Physics or Mathematics.

#3: Solutions Architect

Being a Solutions Architect will you around $20,000 a month at its peak.

With companies spending an average of 3 to 4 percent of their entire budget on IT, the role of a solutions architect is indispensable.

Not to be confused with the similar-sounding ‘Technical Architect’ and ‘Enterprise Architect’, a solutions architect plans for a project with a specific vision in mind and supports project management.

To become a Solutions Architect, you’ll need a degree in Software Engineering or in IT and related fields. You’ll also need to gain at least five years of experience.

If you are a leader and have a passion for tech, Solutions Architect could be a future career!

#4: Finance Director

A traditionally lucrative field, the finance industry continues to offer highly-paid jobs. Climb up the career ladder, and you may find yourself a Finance Director, making $200,000 a year.

As a Finance Director, you’ll have to be adaptable and strategic. From financial control to financial reporting to strategy, you’ll have to handle all these areas to ensure the company’s long-term profitability.

The bar is set higher for a senior executive role, and you’ll need both a relevant Master’s Degree in accounting or business and at least five years of experience.

#5: Head of Cybersecurity

2019 is the year of cyber attacks, with 96% of companies in Singapore getting hit with at least one security breach!

With many people sporting webcam stickers on their laptops and installing anti-ransomware software, we’re sure few of you have missed the growing cyber threat.

With a projected 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity roles by 2021, it’s safe to say that this field is in high demand.

Interested in recovering data, creating firewalls, and malware solutions, you could aim to become a Head of Cybersecurity!

Start off by getting a degree in computer science and then several years of experience.

If passion doesn’t cut it for you, maybe the high pay of $350,000 a year will convince you.

Take Your First Step Towards Your Career Aspirations

If you have a career goal in mind, don’t let the intense competition for limited places in local universities daunt you!

These jobs are attainable to not just graduates from local degrees but also credible overseas institutions.

At IDP, we’ve helped many students such as you chart your future path and get a headstart on a high-paying and fulfilling career.

From course selection to finding accommodation, our education counsellors will be with you every step of the way.

Take your first step towards your career aspirations by booking a counselling session with IDP today!

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