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Guide to studying in Australia

You’ve chosen Australia, now let’s explore the study system

As one of the top three international countries where foreign students study abroad (alongside the US and UK), you can enjoy the best of student life when you study in Australia. A big part of this is the safe environment, friendly people and inclusive, multicultural society. Australian universities offer a high level of support to international students, including foundation years and pathways, academic support, English language support and consumer protection. As with any big decision however, especially one that involves relocating to a foreign country, there are some additional things to consider before choosing to study in Australia.

Choosing the right course

Course preparation plays a huge role in the satisfaction of international students. Considering that every student, course and university are different, how do you choose what is best for you? University rankings are a great way to help compare key performance indicators across different universities. Australia has 35 universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-17, with six featuring in the top 100.

Comparing courses

The Australian Government provides assistance to compare universities and programs. Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) is an important Australian Government initiative that provides independent, impartial information about student experiences and graduate outcomes. QILT helps you to make the best choice for you and provides valuable feedback to institutions. Visit the QILT website to compare things such as:

• overall satisfaction of current students and recent graduates

• rates of students moving into full-time employment after graduation

• the median salary received by recent graduates.

Work experience and employment

With changes to the student visa, it is now easier for overseas students to work in Australia. Many student visas allow part-time work, as well as full-time hours during holidays. Casual positions are great starting points to gain some experience in your area of study while earning some money. If you are interested in volunteering, you will find there are a lot of volunteer charity groups and organisations in Australia. It’s an excellent way to gain friends and get some hands-on experience. Applying for an internship program is also a smart move to gain exposure to a professional environment, gain real industry experience, and build your prospects.

Information That You Need To Know

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