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10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Canada Right Now

Canada has always been a delightful country that is popular with many international students, packed with myriad study and work opportunities.

It is also an ideal country for one to chase his career goals, especially post-study as students seek to take on jobs that will potentially pay well as they gain experience.

Below, we've rounded up the highest-paying jobs in Canada and the degree you’ll need in order to pursue that career path.  

Which Are the Highest Paying Jobs in Canada?

Many of the highest paying jobs in Canada require a specific level of education, as well as in-depth knowledge of a specific industry. 

Remember, the ideal role for you will be one that allows you to use and expand your unique skills.

1. Financial Manager - $96k per year

Degree required: Degree in Finance, commerce, or economics

Financial managers are the professionals responsible for the financial growth and health of a business.

These individuals produce financial reports for the rest of the team, guide important investment activities, and implement strategies for long-term financial success.

2. Statistician or Actuary - $87k per year

Degree required - Degree in math or statistics.

A statistician or actuary is a master of numbers. These business professionals analyse the financial consequences of specific risks that businesses take in order to support growth and development.

Actuaries need to use a combination of math, financial theory, and statistics to predict the outcome of uncertain future events for a company.

3. Engineering manager - $106k per year

Degree required - Degree or Masters in Engineering

An engineering manager is more than just your standard engineer. These experts are responsible for planning and directing crucial engineering activities in a workforce. As an engineering manager, you'll also spend some of your time supervising and guiding employees in an engineering or architectural company

4. Dentist - $200k per year

Degree required - Degree in Dentistry

A dentist is a medical professional with a specialty in teeth and gums. These professionals are responsible for protecting and supporting the healthy growth and maintenance of teeth over a person's lifespan. They can work either in public and government-owned settings or set up private practices on their own.

5. Lawyer - $140k per year

Degree required - Degree in law

A lawyer is a person you want to have around when you make a mistake on your taxes, you need help finishing your divorce, or you want to sue someone who acted wrongfully against you. Lawyers come in many different forms, some with their own special focus on certain areas of law, such as personal injury or family law.

6. Scientific Research Manager - $100k per year

Degree required - Degree or Masters in your field - such as science or architecture

Scientific research managers are the professionals responsible for managing things like scientific experiences or in-depth research. These professionals analyse the results of crucial studies and provide actionable advice based on what they learn.

7. Electronics Engineer - $90k per year

Degree required - Degree or master's in electrical engineering

An electronics engineer is an engineer that focuses exclusively on electronic systems. These people can solve problems with electrical components, test equipment, and even help to improve the way that society uses electricity too.

8. Health and Community Service Manager - $110k per year

Degree required - Degree or master's in social service, public policy, and health

Health and community service managers are the people responsible for the financial, strategic, and professional management of community health services and hospitals. They can also support the performance of GP practices too.

9. Clinical Psychologist - $160k per year

Degree required - Degree, masters, and doctorate in psychology

Clinical psychologists are medical professionals with a focus on the human mind and how it works. They can work with clients to help them overcome complicated mental illnesses like PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

10. Aerospace Engineer - $110k per year

Degree required - Degree in aerospace engineering

Finally, Aerospace engineers are engineers that work exclusively on the components and machines in the aerospace industry. These professionals design aircraft, satellites, missiles, spacecrafts, and more, changing the way that we explore the skies.

Taking on the Highest-Paying Jobs in Canada

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