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10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia Right Now

If you’re looking to carve a career in Australia, here’s the top 10 jobs that offer the highest salaries.

If like some international students, you are thinking of university courses that would provide a decent return on investment – in terms of salaries and progression – you might want to check out the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Australia right now.

But if you’re keen on widening your search, simply fire up IDP’s course search function (internal link to course search page) to have an idea of what you might want to pursue. Better yet, book a free appointment with one of our counsellors to find out more!

Unveiled and compiled by career website, we decided to take a deeper look at some of the highest-paying jobs in the Australian market right now, and find out what are some of the courses you can take to help you embark on these career pathways.

10. Data Scientist

Average salary: A$99,510

In general, data science involves looking for meaning within mass amounts of data. To become a data scientist, one needs to take up specific bachelor courses, such as within IT, computer science, mathematics, physics or another field. Essentially, you’ll require a strong knowledge of programming languages, aside from having a background in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) field.

9. Doctor/Physician

Average salary: A$103,400

Australia’s healthcare structure is considered one of the best in the world, and often students dive deep into specific practices such as surgery, anaesthetics and psychiatry. The education system in Australia for medical students is also reputable, something that you might want to consider with the range of options available.

8. Wellbeing Manager

Average salary: A$110,520

What’s a wellbeing manager? You might ask. Essentially part of a company human resources department, wellbeing managers are tasked to facilitate and support the physical and mental wellbeing of employees, increasing job satisfaction and employee retention through wonderful people skills and a huge dollop of creativity.

7. Construction Manager

Average salary: A$111,390

Construction managers are responsible for managing various stakeholders within a construction project, supervising and directing multiple operations within a project that can range from commercial to industrial. Students who are interested in becoming a construction manager can pursue relevant courses such as civil engineering and construction management.

6. Cloud Engineer

Average salary: A$111,590

A cloud engineer can actually be divided into different roles, ranging from cloud software engineer and cloud security engineer, to cloud network and cloud systems engineer. For those who are interested in such a career, they can choose to take programmes such as computer science, engineering or other relevant fields.

5. Analytics Manager

Average salary: A$118,820

The role of an analytics manager is to help guide a team of analysts and data scientists towards achieving their objectives and goals. As you would’ve realised by now, data-related jobs – or the ability to manipulate and understand data – is a highly sought-after skill right now. Relevant degrees include computer science, security applications and applied systems analysis.

4. IT Security Architect

Average salary: A$124,190

With technological advancements and the whole hoo-ha about data and privacy, securing and protecting what is being mined or collected is of extreme importance. This explains why IT security architects are highly paid, and why relevant courses such as computing and IT are now becoming popular.

3. IT Manager

Average salary: A$125,660
Gone are the days when the person in charge of IT is just the go-to guy when your computer crashes. In fact, the modern IT manager’s role is a combination of being proficient in the fields of business development and technical know-how – with degrees in computing or IT, as well as a recognised certificate in project management (internal course search link, AU) being ideal kick-starters for students keen on this career path.

2. Engineering Manager

Average salary: A$132,350
To be an engineering manager, you will naturally have to have a background in engineering. Only upon gaining experience in the field, whether it’s by furthering your studies or taking on management or supervisory qualifications, you’ll be able to carve a pathway towards the role of an engineering manager.

1. IT Systems Architect

Average salary: A$139,690
Systems architects bear the heavy responsibility of designing, building and testing complicated computerised systems, which are usually highly sensitive. Not only must a systems architect be well-versed in the art of hardware and software systems, he or she must also be familiar with the users’ domain of experience. Relevant courses would involve the usual suspects like software engineering and computer science, while strong speaking and writing skills will also stand one in good stead.

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