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Adding Value To Your Overseas Education

 Written by Razali, December 2017

Studying and living overseas presents the students with an amazing opportunity to immerse in another culture and environment. Living overseas will not only give you the opportunity to study but get involved with multiple activities to complement your studies. The term “well-rounded” graduate has been used countless times by employers when comparing graduates. Engagements with non-academic pursuits are not only beneficial to student development but are known to be highly valued by employers. Below is a list of things you can be involved with to complement your overseas education.


Clubs and Societies

Clubs and societies form an integral part of many students’ university experience. For an international student, it provides a good platform to engage with other international and local students. This is useful for students adapting to a completely new environment. Sharing the same interest is always the easiest icebreakers. They are hundreds of clubs and societies available, ranging from traditional international student's societies such as Flinders University Singapore Students' Association (FUSSA) to the more unaccustomed societies like the Quidditch clubs such as UQ Dumblebees. Students will most certainly be able to find a club or society where they can further expand their interest or connections.



Another all too familiar saying that is, “You need the experience to get experience”. Upon or before graduation, most students are left with adequate knowledge but lacking experience. This is where the importance of internships comes into play. Internships bridge the gap for students by providing a good understanding of what working life would be in their preferred industry, in relevant to what they are studying. Working as an intern is arguably the most advantageous way to get experience during your studies. Most universities nowadays have a dedicated team to help students to find an internship. Of course, with the high volume of students opting for this option, an internship is never a promise. However, with employers now putting heavy reliance on experience, universities have stepped up their efforts to better assist students to find an internship during their studies. So do not miss out, having an overseas experience will look impressive on your resume.


Volunteer Work

One of the most overlooked component of a well-rounded education is volunteering. Volunteer experience is an opportunity for a student to showcase passion and commitment to an employer, since it is optional in nature. There are no shortages of volunteer work. It could be in a form of community engagements or even state sponsored events.

For instance, Brisbane International Film Festival which runs through August to September calls on more than hundred over volunteers to assist them in their events. It also gives a student the opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes. Volunteers are usually rewarded with tickets to view the films and gallery on display too – so why not!

Employers in today’s labour market rely heavily on resumes that illustrate a relevant work history, whether that’s from campus-related engagements, internships or volunteer work. These activities not only help you with your future employability but provide a good platform to network. Together with your university degree, these activities will provide you to achieve and experience a more holistic education and to become more of a “well-rounded” graduate.

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