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Education Expos: Should You Even Bother To Attend?

Find out if education expos are a waste of time, or if they are really that useful in helping you study abroad.

When was the last time you attended an expo? Perhaps it was at an IT fair two months ago, where you had to squeeze and squirm with other people just to get a half-priced LCD monitor – not an entirely positive experience.

This time round, you’re deciding on whether to register for the upcoming IDP International Education Expo. Your diploma results are in and you want to explore studying abroad. You’re just unsure about what to expect at the expo and wondering if it’ll be a fruitful trip.

Should you just take the plunge and waste a weekend? Here are some perks that might sway your decision. 

You will get a personalised experience

Not only do you get to speak with university reps, you also can find out more about studying abroad by engaging with the dedicated IDP counsellors onsite. Whatever questions that you have, whatever help that you need – from university applications to enquiring about visa processes – get them all sorted out at the event. What’s more, you can even book an appointment with one of the counsellors if you do have any follow-up questions.

It’s like a giant hotpot of quality universities and institutions

At the upcoming expo, it really is like a hotpot of all the top universities and institutions from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and Ireland. You’ll be spoilt for choice, but with both quantity and quality, it pushes you even closer to the university and course of your dreams. You’ll get to savour the right ingredients (courses) in the ideal broth (destinations).

Everyone gets their university application fees waived – nobody loses out!

At the IDP International Education Expo, your university application fees are waived – so take advantage of this bonus and apply for the universities of your choice! The usual direct application fees cost a minimum of $100 for admissions processing. Quite simply, it’s your chance to leverage on IDP’s extensive partnership with more than 700 quality universities and institutions across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland and the United States.

You won’t have to endure promotions being blared over audio systems

One of the best things about the IDP Education Expo, is that it’s organised to be as conducive and as seamless as possible for students. There are no blaring of promotions and offers over loud hailers or massive speakers, but an event that is well thought-out, systematised and professional – yet still retaining that warm, sincere touch that IDP aims to deliver all the time.

Uncover your next overseas adventure from the comfort of your own home. Simply register for our IDP Study Abroad Virtual Fair and get to speak with university representatives. Happening 9 and 10 May, 10am to 8pm - don't miss out!

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