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The Most Unlikely Form of Public Transport in Australia

If you think public transport is just about buses and taxis, you’re thinking wrong.

For most international students, studying abroad exposes you to different ways of living, culture and people. Within these however, exists an important part of daily life – getting around by public transport.

If you study in Australia, chances are, you’d probably either get a second-hand car to get from point A to point B, or for most students, tapping on public transport is the easiest and most affordable option.

However, for those specifically heading to Brisbane, you’re in for a treat! It’s home to an unlikely means of public transport, which has also become an iconic sight in the capital of Queensland – the CityCat ferry service.

A Transport Like No Other

You might wonder: What’s so unique about this ferry service that’s different from the bumboats you see in Singapore? The CityCat has become a natural option for not only students studying and living in Brisbane, but also the locals. Not only does the ferry offer scenic views as it cruises along the Brisbane River, the CityCat’s punctuality – it sticks to specific timings according to a pre-scheduled timetable – is second to none.

During peak hours, the ferry services also enable commuters to skip the jam that’s happening on the roads, gliding along without a hitch.

The on-board Wi-Fi allows one to stay connected, plus it allows The University of Queensland (UQ) students to connect to UQConnect and EduRoam – which are some of the university’s online services.

Perhaps, one of coolest aspects about taking the CityCat is the opportunity to sit at the front or back end of the ferry, allowing passengers to take in the cool city breeze and marvel at a cityscape that at night, turns into a beautiful portrait of twinkling, mesmerising lights. 

As you revel in the CityCat experience, you’ll start to understand why Brisbane is also dubbed the River City, with the river meandering past well-known locations such as West End, South Bank and Eagle Street Pier.  

Essentially, the Brisbane River brings life to a city that has embraced and shaped its future around it, linking various inner-city precincts and forming a stunning backdrop for dining establishments as well as outdoor attractions. 

From Milton to Dockside, Bulimba to Northshore, every stop is a door to a whole new world of experiences.

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