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What is the Minimum IELTS Score to Get Ireland PR and Work There  

Ireland is one of the world’s best destinations not just for study, but to develop career opportunities and as a country to live and settle in.

From world-recognised universities to its verdant green rolling hills and the dynamic Irish culture, it’s no wonder that Ireland attracts talent from all over the world to its shores.
If you are looking to work in Ireland and gain permanent residency there, taking the IELTS test is an essential step for one of the pathways.

The Pathways To Work In Ireland & Obtain A PR

In order to get a PR in Ireland, there are various routes that you can take. But regardless of your approach to permanent residency, you will have to live legally in Ireland for at least 5 years.

The first route is by being an international student and studying for your degree in an Irish University. This means obtaining a Stamp 2 visa in your passport.

This will allow you to apply for a Post Study Work Permit upon graduation to start working in Ireland for up to 2 years and find suitable employment.

The other route would be through either the General Employment permit (Stamp 1) or Critical Skills Employment permit (Stamp 4).

The IELTS Band Scores Required

Study Visa Route

To obtain a study visa to begin your studies in Ireland (and take the study route to an eventual PR), you will need to meet the English language requirements.
This means taking the IELTS Academic test and obtaining at least an overall band score of 5.0.

In addition, your English language standard (or IELTS test in this instance) must have been issued within 2 years of the expected start date of your course.

While the study visa application only requires you to reach a band score of 5.0, we do recommend you to aim higher as most universities in Ireland will require you to have an overall band score of 5.5 to 6.0.

For example:
-    Trinity College Dublin: IELTS overall band score of 6.5
-    Cork Institute of Technology: IELTS overall band score of 6.0
-    Institute of Technology Blanchardstown: IELTS overall band score of 5.5

General Employment Route & Critical Skills Route

While there isn’t an explicit IELTS band score required for application, there are other criteria that will be assessed before you can be granted a visa.

For the General Employment Permit, you’ll be assessed according to a list of eligibility criteria including a minimum annual salary of around €30,000 as well as possessing the necessary qualifications and skills required for the role.

For the Critical Skills Permit, you will be assessed according to a list of conditions that include a minimum annual salary of €32,000 for a restricted number of occupations as well as a relevant degree qualification.

Even though an IELTS test isn’t stated, it is recommended to get at least a 5.0 overall band score for the general test as part of your application to boost your chances as well as improve your level of English for general living and interaction in Ireland.

Embark On Your Journey To Obtaining PR In Ireland

If you are looking to study, work or obtain permanent residency in Ireland, it’s time to take action and we can help you with the process!

And the first step is to get prepared for your IELTS test.

At IDP, we have the tools to help you better prepare for your IELTS test so that you can score better and secure work and PR visas in Ireland.

Should you have any further questions about the IELTS test, our team of education counsellors will be happy to answer them either in person or virtually.

Ready to start?

Book your test with us today!


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