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Take IELTS mock tests for free at IDP!

IELTS mock tests: What test takers need to know

1. What are IELTS mock tests? 

Taking IELTS mock tests is one of the first steps in the IELTS tests administration. All of the IELTS test questions are practically tested in mock exams. 

2. Why are IELTS mock tests important? 

IELTS mock tests are administered to ensure tests’ fairness and difficulty level as well as to let test takers know their abilities and shortcomings before taking the official test.

3. Who should take IELTS mock tests? 

Those who want to be familiar with the IELTS Test. 

Due to limited test questions, those who make early reservations will be prioritized to sit the exam. 

4. What do IELTS mock tests include? 

Listening and Reading sessions (both Academic & General module) in IELTS mock tests normally last longer than in the official IELTS tests due to a greater number of questions. 

Listening tests last 30-40 minutes while Reading tests last 1 hour 15 minutes. Candidates also can occasionally take mock tests in Writing (both Academic & General module) lasting 1 hour - the same duration as in official tests.

Reviews of IELTS Listiening test takers with Bluetooth headsets at IDP

5. How are IELTS mock tests results calculated? 

In IELTS Listening and Reading mock tests, results are given as the number of correct answers. Though results are not calculated on the band score scale as in official IELTS tests, IELTS mock tests still help candidates to evaluate their proficiency level.

English language teachers can help test takers convert the number of correct answers to IELTS band score but this remains relative and will not be considered the official IELTS test results. Though Writing tests are marked on the band score scale, this also will not be considered the official IELTS test results. 

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Đăng ký thi ielts

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6. When do I receive IELTS mock tests results? 

Results for Listening and Reading tests will be informed to you after 2-3 months since Cambridge University receives your mock tests. 

Results for Writing tests will be informed after 4-5 weeks.

7. How do I receive IELTS mock tests results? 

Results will be sent directly to your email right after they are available. 

8. Do I need to pay for IELTS mock tests? 

IELTS mock tests are completely free. However, candidates need to deposit 300.000 VND for reservation, which will be returned after the tests. 

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