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Tips before studying in UK

Review of education system

Education system in UK achieves international standard and has been quite outstanding for using English in different ways. It also offers exclusive curriculums. For example, UK’s students can complete master degree in 1 year and bachelor degree in 3 years. The studying methods are various from a small class to a large class.

Choose the right course.

To select the suitable course or field of education will impact on experience during the time you are studying abroad. If you do not know what the differences among the courses and universities, you may see the comparison of studying and teaching method, environment, facilities, students’ satisfaction provided by the national or global ranking which can help you to make better decision. UK has 91 universities in the world rankings and 12 universities are ranked top 100 in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-17.

Compare courses and universities

You will find details of courses and universities in UK on the website and you can compare the details of interested courses and universities one-on-one including the statistics of each university so that you can make better decision for the most suitable course for you. Or you can come to consult with IDP’s staff for free of charge.

Work experience and employment

Overseas student can do a part-time job while studying. UK’s study environment will give students opportunity to create important working skills and an ability to think freely which will be benefit when you find a job. Moreover, most universities and academic institutes in UK have career service center which give advice to students on all issues about employment both during and after graduation. Therefore, you do not need to worry about it.

For information about career opportunity and tips on careers and works, you can visit


Why IDP?

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