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Information Technology (IT) in UK

Considered as the backbone and integral supporter of the functionality of all the sectors of economy, Information Technology or IT is an exceptionally diverse and rapidly growing segment. A degree in IT not only means high demand for a variety of interesting career options, but a good pay package as well. Universities at UK offer many foundation and specialized IT courses to students all across the world. These courses help students explore the IT world in-depth, understand the internal functioning of the internet world and a lot more. Students also learn programming, developing programs and software, multimedia, designing and much more. IT in UK is offered at diploma, research, undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Advantages of pursuing a degree in IT from UK Universities 

With it place among the top three study destinations of the world, an IT degree from UK enhances the overall growth potential of the students: - 

  1. Globally recognized and reputed degree
  2. Seeking admission in an IT course at the UK universities is relatively easy
  3. Being a booming economy, students get a learn a lot about the IT sector through practical exposure.
  4. A degree in IT from UK universities also enhances the job and earning potentials of the students.
  5. Most universities also offer foundation studies so that students are able to understand the subject in a better way
  6. With a class full of students belonging to different parts of the world, understanding the IT sectors of different countries helps students gain more insights through discussions and debates.
  7. Students are taught by experts in the field in high-tech labs and have access to specialist equipments.

Career Options 

An information technology degree from a UK university provides an expansive range of exciting IT based careers which include network management, software development, systems design engineering, web-application development and more. 

Admission Requirements for Information Technology in UK

Different universities in United Kingdom have different eligibility requirements. However, the basic admission requirements for an undergraduate diploma / degree in information technology includes successful completion of higher secondary school, proving proficiency in English language by appearing for an IELTS / TOEFL exam and obtaining a decent score, furnishing relevant official school transcripts and letters of recommendations from teacher / headmaster / principal. 

Those planning to apply for a post graduate diploma or master’s in information technology, they must have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field from a recognized university, equivalent to an undergraduate degree offered by the universities of UK. Students whose first language is not English must appear for an English proficiency exam, usually TOEFL or IELTS, and attain a good score. Additionally, some universities in UK may also ask for certificates and prior work experience in the field of information technology. 


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