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Study in Ireland

Do you want to study at a world-class university surrounded by beautiful green countryside and fascinating history? Ireland might be your dream study destination!

There are plenty of reasons to choose Ireland as your study destination.

It has one of the world’s best education systems, friendly and open-minded people, and major cities which are smaller and can be easily navigated.

Living and studying in Ireland

Why study in Ireland?

Ireland’s schools and universities are globally connected. The graduates of Irish education institutions have access to opportunities in many different careers all over the world.

Ireland's higher education system

Education has been prized in Ireland throughout its history. Today, Ireland’s higher education system offers excellent programmes for international students of all ages. More than one in ten full-time students in Ireland are from abroad.
Cost of living in Ireland
Are the costs of studying in Ireland expensive?
Student visa for Ireland
Before you get on the plane, there are some important documents you will need.
Dublin is a famously friendly and walkable city, where the ‘town’ is in the centre of everything and everyone’s lives.

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