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Scholarships Available in New Zealand

What better to pair New Zealand’s quality higher education system and glorious scenery than with a scholarship?

For thailandan students looking to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to study in New Zealand, universities do offer scholarship opportunities. On the other hand, the New Zealand government do offer scholarships as well but only to eligible citizens of developing countries, of which thailand is not included in the list.

However, the government does fund professionals from eligible ASEAN countries, including thailand, to partake in short courses that will equip them with new skills. Scholars will bring back with them skills ranging from public sector leadership and renewable energy, to even geothermal energy.

Indeed, New Zealand has become a popular study destination for international students, in part due to its array of unique courses available such as the Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology as well as Bachelor of Forestry Science.

University Scholarships

The University of Auckland

Scholarship Name


The University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship Value: NZD$10,000 per annum

University of Waikato

Scholarship Name


University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship Value: Up to NZD$10,000

University of Otago

Scholarship Name


University of Otago 150th Entrance Scholarship Value: NZD$6,000 for one year

Lincoln University

Scholarship Name


Lincoln University Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Value: NZD$5,000

University of Canterbury

Scholarship Name


UC International First Year Scholarship Value: NZD$20,000


To find out more and learn how to apply for these scholarships, fill in your details and make a free appointment with one of our friendly counsellors.

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